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London police remove the camp of the "occupied the London" and arrested 20 people

الشرطة اللندنية تزيل مخيم حركة
AFP Carl Court
Police arrested London on the night of February 28, 20 people through its support to servers in the implementation of the court's decision to the London High removal camp "occupied the London" place near the Cathedral of St. Paul, since the month of October of last year in protest against the policy of the banks and large corporations.
A source at Scotland Yard that the process has been generally peaceful, with foil all attempts to ignite the conflict. And have been able to Mahdharon and police to eliminate the resistance of some members of the camp, by blocking the implementation of the court's decision. Before the days of barriers erected around the camp of wooden boxes and boards. When he started Mahdharon to remove these barriers, a group of protesters stepped up to the highest platform in the camp and raised the flags and insulted the police and bailiffs obscenities. However, it was the decision to the court and removed the camp.
The London High Court has issued its decision to remove the camp, which was inhabited by more than 100 people, in the month of January of the current year. The protesters attempts to challenge this decision failed, most recently the Court of Appeal refused to England and Wales on February 22 consideration of the request. He rejected most of the protesters to leave the camp, and on Monday was near the great Christopher Wren about 60 tents and mobile kitchen mounted constant in his work. But the implementation of the court's decision was the help of the police to remove this camp.
A statement issued by the company to London City is responsible for the management of the historic and business center in London, "We are sorry about what got him things. But the court's decision reflects everything." It also refers to a company statement that some of the participants in the protests, who confirmed that the camp was the only place to stay and do not have another place to live, you will provide them with full charitable organizations the necessary assistance.
Movement had "occupied the London" protest has begun its activity near the Cathedral of St. Paul in October 15 in 2011. This activity is part of the global movement against capitalism, which began in New York City under the slogan "conquered Wall Street." It is argued Participants in these activities on the work of banks and big financial firms.According to their view that the owners of the banks and financiers Atallowa the global economic crisis, which requires governments exchange billions of dollars to taxpayers.
The camp here near the Cathedral of St. Paul, the most famous camp of protesters in Britain, although they have in recent months have carried out activities in large occupation of the court building and a bank in central London, and wandered the streets of London in one of the armored vehicles the military write-off of service. The Maithir concerned officials in the British capital is the possibility that protesters set up a new camp near the Olympic venues in the capital, London.
Source: Russia Today

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