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Field commander Libby: Khamis Gaddafi is still alive and leading an armed cell

قائد ميداني ليبي: خميس القذافي لايزال حيا ويقود خلية مسلحة
Field commander said Libby, Saturday, February 25, that "Khamis Gaddafi" son of the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is alive.

The channel said "Arab", which broadcast the news on Saturday -25 February, that the Libyan authorities have succeeded in the arrest of a cell belonging to the armedsupporters of the late Libyan Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, had intended to target someplaces in the capital Tripoli and beyond. She was found in possession of members of the cell on the weapons and missiles calories.

He admitted that he was the commander of the cell at a meeting with Khamis Gaddafi, a day before the descent of that group to implement its plan, according to the "Arab". For his part, acknowledged the doctor was treating Thurs Gaddafi called Korean beauty that is alive and that his leg amputated.

Field commanders said they spotted the calls during the past few days between thepeople in Tunisia and another in that area and after a review of that call turned out to be a person gives instructions to the implementation of the anniversary celebrations of the revolution Libya, and pointed out that he was monitoring Khamis in the area between the "Darren" and "Alash" .

The Libyan officials announced earlier killed Thurs-Gaddafi, who was carrying the rank ofcolonel and leads one of the battalions in the battle against the rebels.

Source Arabic + agencies

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