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The Iraqi city of Qaim "Religion and beautiful" to its neighbors, the Syrians

تجمع في مدينة القائم في 5 شباط/فبراير تاييدا لرد "الدين والجميل" للسوريين
Busy people in the Iraqi city of Qaim border to work on the "Reply religion and beautiful" to their neighbors, the Syrians, who helped them in the past to fight the Americans and they are now subjected to repression day in their country.According to Sheikh Mohammed Karbouli (53 years), one of the sheikhs and dignitaries of the existing, that "the brothers in Syria sided with the Iraqis and an honorable stand when U.S. forces surrounded us in 2005, and opened their borders and their hearts to us."He adds, told AFP: "We have delivered the us everything we need from food, medicine, men and weapons (...) and from multiple places in Syria, so it's a matter of fulfillment that we respond to them beautiful and good in this plight."For his part, explains Abdel Nasser Mohammed Qara Golley (39 years), who lives in the region between the existing and the border with Syria, "convey to them is simple medical supplies, and collect financial contributions from the wealthy and we send them."Qaim lies in Anbar province, about 340 km west of Baghdad, and separated by a small area called the link and from the town of Abu Kamal Albaguz Syria, where they can see with the naked eye Syrian farmers are working in their lands.Inhabit the city collects on the existing relations of clans and cousins ​​by marriage with other tribes on the Syrian side, including the large clans such as Alraoyen, and Anian, and Karabila, and LBO shop, and Salman clan.And refers to tribal leaders that the existing relationship with the Syrians spread to the towns of Deir Al-Zour, Homs and Idlib in Syria.Said Abu Mujahid Lahibi, one of the clan elders and the flames, "sent two thousand dollars so far to help people in Syria, and this amount is considered a small amount In any case, most of what I was able to present it."He adds, "We send money to the families that we know through intermediaries, and provide that whenever we have a sum of money up to three to four thousand dollars, and we will announce soon a public fund to collect donations."And was based in 2005 to successive attacks launched by U.S. forces and armed groups targeting them, and confirms the inhabitants of the city at the time that the Syrians, "they offer all forms of assistance, food, medical and even arms."Karbouli believe that "what is going through the Syrian people now in Homs, Damascus and Deir Zor and other cities in Syria in which the heroine insult to the symptoms and bloodshed must be on the tribal leaders in Anbar, and especially should have been Balnkhuh to help our brothers in Syria." "I will not keep silent on the symptoms of an insult."Syria, which is experiencing predominantly Sunni and are governed by a minority upper since the mid-March last year, an unprecedented protest movement demanding to drop the system, have been killed by acts of repression in which more than 6 thousand people, according to activists.And shares borders with Iraq, Syria stretches for about 600 km, more than half of which is located almost in the province of Anbar, an overwhelmingly Sunni, were considered in the former headquarters of the al-Qaeda in Iraq.The official told the biggest in the Iraqi Interior Ministry, Adnan al-Asadi AFP last week that there is movement, smuggling of arms and fighters into Syria, which has been accused in the past it has provided financial and military support and logistical support to groups "jihadist" insurgent in Iraq.And declared an armed group based in the last week the formation of the "Army of Iraq are free" to "give back and help those who need assistance in Syria."Confirmed in a statement received by AFP a copy of their work will focus on "border control, and by volunteers, to search for any strange or suspicious movements by the Iraqi government towards assisting the government," the Syrian.According to the group that reports published in the Iraqi media, and spoke of sending fighters facilitated by the Iraqi government, to Syria to fight in the forces of the Syrian regime, particularly the elements of the Mahdi Army led by Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.He said the group's leader Abu Yasser told AFP at the border region between Iraq and Syria, "we will go immediately to fight in Syria if it turns out that the Iraqi government to send fighters to fight with the system there."He said Abu Yasser masked as he was traveling in a vehicle in a convoy consisting of three cars carrying 12 men armed with machine guns, "We are ready to provide them with arms, if also confirmed these reports."In parallel, the existing preparing for the possibility of receiving refugees Syrians.The head of the Assembly to defend the rights of human rights Bilal al-Ani said, "In the case happened to resort to the existing Vnstqublhm and provide them with all that is necessary and all what they want because we will not forget us in our plight virtue." And stresses Karbouli his part that "if the government banned open camps, Fbewtona open to them."

Source:  الفرنسية

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