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Evidence refers to "a network of corrupt officials" in Britain

Police are investigating the British described as "a network of corrupt officials" in the context of the ongoing investigations in eavesdropping on the phones and the corruption of some police officers possible.Revealed Sue Akers, Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police that the British evidence points to the existence of a "culture of payment of the funds illegally" in the newspaper "The Sun", owned by News Corporation Foundation, headed by the famous media mogul Rupert Murdoch.And check to Afsson committee, headed by a British judiciary, in the working methods of journalists institution Murdoch press and the relationship of politicians and police.He was a famous business tycoon has been forced under political pressure, media and legal to the closure of the newspaper "News of the World" last year after 168 years of publication because of what is known in Britain-bit scandal eavesdropping on the phones.And subject to a number of journalists of newspapers, a subsidiary of News International, News Corp representative institution in Britain, the investigation on suspicion of involvement in the practice of eavesdropping on the phones and bribing police officers and public officials.The Lakers said in written testimony to the commission of inquiry, that there is suspicion that the payment of money without the legal basis of the newspaper "The Sun" has obtained the permission of the high-level officials in the newspaper.Adoption of the violationIt is noteworthy that Brian Baddeck, a senior police officials of former British, and Lord Briscon former Deputy Prime Minister Adlaa testify before the committee to Afsson.She noted in her testimony to the Lakers said there was "money paid regularly and frequently are sometimes large sums of public officials."The payments were revealed by journalists to public officials in the "areas of the police and the military, health and government."Revealed the police are responsible for leading the charge there was only one, over the years, with 80 thousand pounds, while he received news of 150 thousand pounds from The Sun newspaper to pay them to sources.The certificate confirms that there Nevshat approved by staff in the newspaper "The Sun" that this behavior is illegal.Akers adds that the majority of the stories that paid to the sources of funds in order to get it just seemed like gossip rather than stories of interest to the public.Robert has issued Mirodkh Foundation News Corporation Chairman and CEO statement later when he insisted that these practices "of the past are no longer present in the Sun."
Source: BBC Arabic

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