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Showing posts with label and began to practice playing a greater role in the world. Show all posts


Founder of Wikileaks confirms that the number of special investigative agencies in the world is increasing

مؤسس موقع ويكيليكس يؤكد أن عدد وكالات التحري الخاصة يتزايد في العالم
Number of companies special investigative increasing in the United States skyrocket in other countries, and began to practice playing a greater role in the world, while does not have the community the opportunity to further their activities This was confirmed by the founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange after he published site company scandals famous e-mails received and sent by Stratfor company specialized staff to collect and analyze data and provide advisory services.
The Assange at a press conference took place in the club of independent journalists Frontline that the Wikileaks site and is working on publishing a new series could be called "the private lives of private spies." He pointed out that the company Stratfor stated that its goal is to finish first in its field and to inform the CIA and the FBI Americans how they can be sober in this efficiency. Stratfor company financial data show those who are its customers, oil companies, financial centers - including Bank of America, producers of military technology and weapons - Lockheed Martin and Raytheon and Grumman Norcrob. Stratfor also attended Msah files for the U.S. Navy, and worked closely with other government agencies.
According to WikiLeaks, the Stratfor followed the activities of human rights defenders at the request of large corporations, particularly those who have called for Dow Chemical to pay additional compensation to people who have suffered from the results of the accident, which was due to the neglect of the company, The incident took place in the factory of the company in the city of Bhabal Indian in 1984. According to representatives of the Wikileaks they can not be monitor and track the movements of the victims and relatives of the victims of the disaster in Bhabal who are seeking justice after one of the largest chemical accidents in the world.
And hit Assange another example, as pointed out that the Coca-Cola a customer Stratfor, and upon request the staff to gather information on activists from the organization famous "people of the Humane Society" on the eve of the Olympic Games in Vancouver, so out of fear that they protested against the tenth anniversary of the company that products had been tested not long ago from that date on the animals.
He noted the WikiLeaks that the staff of Stratfor not baptized to gather information by planting agents and the payment of bribes, and they also baptized to movements hostile to a group of social organizations, including the Wikileaks, where the name Assange or WikiLeaks in a huge number of messages that have been published.
After all accused in the press conference Assange company Stratfor, money laundering and the use of complex paths to pay for information services. And promised to publish the rest of the scandalous secret documents in the coming days about this U.S. company.

Source: Russia Today

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