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Gaddafi wander freely amid the Jordanian capital!

القذافي يتجول بحرية وسط العاصمة الأردنية ! Jordanian citizens rallied in the streets of a downtown (Oman) on the Libyan citizen to photograph because of the great similarity between the features and the features of the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.
Like Gaddafi, the Libyan "Dou real" (52 years), who handled news about websites Jordanian submitted to the Jordan among thousands of rebels Libyans who came to the country after the revolution of the treatment say "He is not happy with this similarity, which combined with Gaddafi", according to the newspaper "Tomorrow" Jordan Saturday.
The real "it is not satisfied with the appearance of pointing out that it was during the revolution and after wandering in the streets of Libya" Mtlosma "for fear of snipers killed by rebels belonging to Libya that Gaddafi's thinking.
He considered real that the Libyan Revolution successful because it reflected positively on the Libyan people and made him his freedom and dignity after it was all the people subject to the whim of one man and recalled with pride and sadness that one of his sons died during the revolution Libyans to overthrow Gaddafi and injured another son in defense of the "Libya free.
And tells the "real" position Funny happened to him in the Jordanian capital of Amman as his wandering through the downtown area to watch Jordanian great similarities between him and gathered around him many of Gaddafi and they took to take pictures with him which led to the creation of a major crisis in the street.
The newspaper pointed out that one of the chants that were repeated by Jordanian citizens when you see the "real" as stated by the Gaddafi threat of revolution and revolutionaries Libyans "Rue Rue Dar Dar Al-Gaddafi, p dizziness" and "Elly Betoa of glass should not throw stones" and other phrases .
And remember the "real" another position during his visit to Tunisia before killing Gaddafi since he was stopped by the Tunisian police for hours at the airport and inspected well, believing that Gaddafi, pointing out that he had received many offers to work in Oman in the restaurants and shops to attract customers, but he refused.
The Libyan Revolution was launched on February 17, 2011 a revolution broke out in the form of a popular uprising, including some Libyan cities in the eastern region and turned into an armed conflict on 20 October, was arrested by Colonel Gaddafi in Sirte by some of the young rebel was killed and photographed pronounces last breath
Source: ASHA

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