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French surgeon describes the "massacre" and "brutal" in Homs

صورة من يوتيوب الجمعة لمقاتلين من المعارضة يتبادلون اطلاق النار مع قوات النظام في المدينة القديمة في حمص
Description of the French surgeon returned Friday from a 19-day-long mission in Syria, told AFP, "the massacre" in the city of Homs (center), facing the "brutal" and "pain is not feasible."He arrived by Professor Jacques Peres on Friday night at the airport of Roissy Charles de Gaulle Paris, expressed his satisfaction with the return to his country and "leave the massacre in Homs."Said Professor Perez, co-founder of Doctors Without Borders he was "affected by the bombardments and the misery of the people and their courage as well," despite the extremely difficult living conditions."We have examined the pain is not feasible, and cruelty, hypocrisy, and the pain of children and families, is not likely, something shameful, people dying and (International Group) Do not move a muscle."He had received this doctor Sbaana officials in the Union of Islamic bodies in the Seine-Saint-Denis in France Syria democratic organization.He said the surgeon, told AFP: "We are our doctors is to do similar tasks, and attention to people, go where others do not go." "I would like to return a lot out there, I do not know whether that would be possible, especially since I'll be the next time at risk."In this city besieged by more than twenty days forces the regime of Bashar al-Assad "The bombing starts at 6.30 ... and continue throughout the day."He added: "Tagafr the streets, when people were forced to leave their homes to buy flour and make bread, they share their transmission of signals so as to be sure they are able to pass unhindered."He revealed that a French doctor, said the city had suffered "severe damage. It's not like in Berlin during World War II, not like in Beirut as well, but it will turn" to one of these two cities, adding to the acute shortage of water and electricity.The doctor, who described his own hands the size of destruction "and signed severe damage, and burned the buildings. At the same time, I saw things strange, people were injured strange things incredible, bullet enter here and graduated from here, broken arm, but does not infect the lungs .. . miracles. "And Aottaghm his face when he talks about "children tore their bodies missiles.""I landed a large number of wounded in one day", "and tried to hit a young boy and his father to take care of him alone, among the dead." "What I saw was like a war film, a film where you see heavy blood everywhere."

Source: الفرنسية

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