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Bad iPhone launch Asus officially

إطلاق أسوس باد فون رسمياً
ASUS has announced the beginning of last year preparing for your special combinessmartphone and tablet computer, but not in the same way adopted by both Samsung and LG maximize the screen size of mobile phone, but to collect the two devices together towork together.

Today the device is now available and was announced officially to enter the market in the month of April next, and computer tablet contains enclave dedicated can put smartphonewhich to work as a way to connect with internet through technology rich G (3G), also has asocket to connect it with the keyboard, additional, and can acquire a pen private andexternal speakers to make your two devices do not, but also three, smart phone, a computer and a tablet, and a laptop running on Android 4.

Phone has a screen measuring 3.4 inch AMOLED enabled Super (Super AMOLED) to increase the clarity, resolution 960 X 540 pixels, and works on the basis of the processorat 1.5 GHz Bnoutyin.

The Asus has a new camera background accurately 8 megapixels, and the front camera to chat through outreach programs.

Source: Russia Today

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