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In pictures: the reasons for the practice of female teachers sex with students

Question is currently Business Insider site and chose to answer it through a wide range of articles and news circulating on the Internet. Was reached by which the several theories to answer this question, especially in light of the serious increase in cases of harassment byteachers against students, some of them children, and multiplied the means of harassmentto reach levels of strange and degenerate in some cases.

Here is a set possible reasons:
ليتورنيو والتلميذ الذي بات زوجها
Ithornao and to the student who became her husband
The most prominent case is that of an American teacher had sex with her ​​student (andfather of her later). The teacher and the mother Mary Key has been accused of rapingIthornao Telmivha who at the age of 13 years. He was a pupil at the trials, the name "WillyVolao." And stopped at first charged with "rape of a child" and after 6 months was allowed to go out to find them again have sex in her car with Willy again. Then imprisoned for many years and after graduating she married Willy, where she gave birth to two children. Thecouple sold their wedding video with 750 thousand dollars, and also sold a book called"only one crime of love", where the book was published in France is not in the United States.

Rogers Feels Teachers who have sex with their students sometimes, they are at critical times of their lives. Divorce is imminent payment parameter Pamela Rogers (27 years) to the intimacy with which Telmivha at the age of 13 years in 2004, according to the psychoanalyst Joan Hlichr who gave his testimony in court to their advantage. Hlichr said: "It was frustrating and you feel empty inside." As the relationship began to Rogers (which is moving today, 8 years of prison) living the world of its own "magical thinking," according to Hlichr "as an alternative to the prevailing social norms."

Sexual desire
To Afav

"In one case began a teacher teaching tutoring for a child, but after a period of closebegan to talk to him about their private lives and music preferences, and then totallylistening to the iPod together and send text messages to each other, and suddenlybecome like the relationship dating," according to director of the Center Cargill
Ethical Leadership at the University of Kansas Robert J. shop, is the author of "sexual exploitation in schools." He adds that such parameters have a narrow concept of the border, so they do not realize when he has been are over the line into behavior is notstraight.

In spite of the arrest, police have recognized the Debra to Afav, which was the day at the age of 23 years and established a relationship with a pupil of 14 years, in an interview she did not feel that they committed a crime, and said: "I was thinking myself a young girlcaught with her ​​boyfriend."

Re assault"There are some parameters endowment had suffered previously from sexual abuse to them during their childhood: According to Professor Larry Morris, an expert on criminal psychology and author of" Women Khtirat: Why become mothers, daughters and sisters Mtakabbat and Mtharchat and murderers. "And adds that most of these women come from families torn apart by conflicts, where did not learn social skills sound. He says that many of them are used to achieve their needs emotional through sexual behavior. He continues: when they begin teaching and face some of the pressures of seriousness, as problems of marriage, for example, in addition to a student's desired Vsohin the step of sexual assault will not be long after so.
In addition to the addresses that the ancestor mentioned there are other theories of the writer David Kupelian:
- People who stay with each other without witnesses often are driven to sex.

- Cell phones, text messages, e-mail provides opportunities for teachers and students to communicate in private, which was not available a generation ago. The conclusion that "more text messages lead to more sex."
- The massive explosion of films and pornography, especially through the Internet has led to the exposure of children to sexual images made them grow up faster. The conclusion that "the more pornography lead to more sex."
The site notes in the end that this type of sexual harassment or sex de facto by the parameter of female right of children of students male is happening in a more spontaneous than the teacher said assault on his students are girls and boys, because the latter comes from an earlier design where there is a lot of teachers who are caught have resorted to the teaching profession in order to provide them this opportunity, a search and great as well.

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