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The Libyan government controls the Bani Walid

Rebel forces massing at the entrance of Bani Walid (French)
The defense minister said the Libyan Osama Aljowaily The Libyan government took control of the town of Beni Walid, adding that military forces will be in conjunction with the police maintain security in the city, and that an investigation to identify those responsible for the clashes between rebels and insurgents have killed eight people.

He denied Aljowaily who visited the town of Beni Walid Jhaeha met and that the city should be - which is a former stronghold of the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi - subject to the control of the armed followers of Gaddafi in the last few days. Following a contradictory news about the control of forces loyal to the former Libyan leader for a short period.
He was an internal problem was addressed, pointing out that the fighting were not between the rebels and supporters of Gaddafi, but between two groups of young men, one brigade "28 May", which is the largest in the Bani Walid and belongs to the Libyan Ministry of Defence.
He left the brigade of the city, the minister did not say whether the troops will be sent to replace another place.
Local officials announced Monday that supporters of Gaddafi, carrying green flags, attacked the military base where the brigade was stationed on May 28.
Novel clashesA witness at the scene - introduced himself as from the tribe and Rafla force in the City - The battle began when he went elements of the tribe and Rafla to the base to ask the officials handed them over one of their relatives detained they have, is that the elements of Brigade 28 rejected it, sending the tribe people to negotiate with them, What was their only hit him with that.
And seen the effects of an explosion anti-tank shell at the door of the base, and inside an empty ammunition boxes on the ground.
The movement was a normal Wednesday in the streets of the city where the population of the market shopping for vegetables, and seen a number of students who are waiting for the bus to take them to school.
Also do not see any barriers in the city, security, and toured the Minister of Defense in the streets without problems. Were seen by dozens of flags bearing the slogan "new Libya" in the city, especially on a building belonging to the local radio and other military base.
And Bani Walid resisted for a long time before falling in the hands of the rebels just days before the killing Muammar Gaddafi and the "liberation" of Libya in October / November 2011.

Source: Agencies

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