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Seven killed in Yemen, including al Qaeda leader

One of al-Qaeda militants in Yemen and Radaa appear behind him a picture of bin Laden (French)
Yemeni authorities have killed seven militants, including a leading figure in Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, north-eastern province of Marib, Yemen. The Interior Ministry announced the arrest another leader in the process of intelligence.
The source said Yemeni security forces fight against "terrorism" carried out a military operation last night resulted in the death of Said Khrassan named a senior al Qaeda leadership is required for the security authorities, on the highway linking the province of Marib, the capital Sana'a.
But the site "Mareb Press" quoted local sources that at eight-thirty in the evening yesterday launched al-Qaeda, led by leader Said Khrassan attack on a military positions in the Directorate of brushy, which led to his death and the killing of six al-Qaeda elements, in addition to the death of a soldier and about four; two of them from al Qaeda.
According to a security source from the province of Marib, the Khrassan a leading role in al Qaeda, and participated in a number of maintenance operations during the last period.
Security sources said that the clashes also resulted in the arrest of three al-Qaeda. The sources added that the military police on the restoration of a number of locations on the road to Sanaa, Marib.

Intelligence operationOn the other hand, the Ministry of Interior of Yemen via its e-security services to arrest of another leader at the base symbolized his name to "b c m" in the process of intelligence.
Tariq was gold - the leader of the militants affiliated to al-Qaeda in Yemen Radaa located in the province of white (170 km south east of Sanaa) - has said in the recording Thursday that the goal of control of the city to establish the Islamic Caliphate.
Accuse the elders of the tribes in the province of white security authorities in the province of colluding with insurgents to repeat the scenario of Zanzibar town in Abyan province in the south of Yemen, but the military leaders in the province announced that they will defend the province until the last drop of blood.
And accuses the bloc JMP President Ali Abdullah Saleh to hand over militants parts of the country, to support his claim that he alone is able to prevent an increase in the influence of al-Qaeda in Yemen, and to thwart the agreement the transfer of power, and prevent the holding of presidential elections scheduled for February 21 next.

Source: Agencies
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