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Egypt: The changed circumstances have changed roles

People's Congress during the vote for the speaker (French) 

Cell phone video surveillance solutionZaki Anas - Cairo
Does not qualify many Egyptians complain about their situation did not improve, or demands are not met for the People's Revolution, which started in January 25 last, and forced former President Hosni Mubarak to leave power, but the majority of Egyptians rise up condemning if I say that nothing has changed, Wesera to remind you of the most important change is that Mubarak moved from the power chair to favorite sofa cage trial.
Although the trial Mubarak continued in Egypt for several months, and it is his presence inside the dock, a familiar sight, what is witnessed in hours on Monday was a difference and interesting to reflect on the Egyptians, Mubarak already and symbols of his regime between expected in the dock and locked in a prison, while that of They were for many years in the prisons of Mubarak are now sharing the driving seats in the first Egyptian parliament after the revolution.
This paradox was the common denominator in conversations and discussions, many of the Egyptians, and when I tried to Alice to explore the opinion of a number of Egyptian citizens, the words "Glory changed circumstances," the first to comment on what happens, before any further in a comparison between this day and higher than last year.
Almost a year ago, did not find the leading National Democratic Party dissolved, Dr. Fathi Sorour, no difficulty in maintaining the presidency of the People's Assembly of the atheist and the twentieth, respectively, which is not surprising with the President of the Republic turns thirty in power, but it is interesting that pleased his position after 505 deputies voted for him, compared to one vote for his rival.

From parliament to prison In the first rows of the former People's Assembly, was sitting Romeeh NDP businessman Ahmed Ezz dazzled as he did in the parliamentary elections that took place late 2010, where he led the ruling party to sweep the entire election in which many have described as a farce of a real considerably contributed to the outbreak of the revolution that Mubarak and his regime toppled.
But the pleasure was hard, and with them the former head of the Shura Council Safwat al-Sharif, the former head of the Presidential Office Zakariya Azmi, are now currently in prison facing charges ranging from corruption and responsibility for the killing of the rebels, the same charges prosecuted by Mubarak and his sons Alaa and Gamal and a number of senior police officers, headed by former Interior Minister Habib el-Adli.
The complete cycle of history, became sitting on the seats leadership Parliament of Egypt 2012 are prevented from entering the former parliament, both of rigging elections or prevention from running or cracking down on all matters of life, which was very frequent with representatives of Islamic movements, whether they are of the Muslim Brotherhood orSalafis.
Benefited the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis of the excellent results they achieved in the first parliamentary elections after the revolution that resulted in the victory party of freedom and justice emanating from the Muslim Brotherhood by about 47% of the seats, while the alliance won the Salafi-led party light by about 24%, was the presidency of the Council to the leader of freedom and justice Mohamed Saad Katatni, while his party leader Nur Muhammad fixed the position of Undersecretary of the Council.
Tribute to the revolution As if Katatni wanted to refer to the tremendous change witnessed by Egypt, began his speech, after praising Allah verse Quranic precious "Say thanks to God and His mercy therein let them rejoice is better than collecting," and then followed that up by paying tribute to the revolution "that overthrew the corrupt, and uprooted symbols of oppression and tyranny" and Baltrahm the martyrs.
Was no exchange of places between the leadership of parliament and the prison cells is remarkable only in this historic day for the Egyptians, it seemed that some deputies of the Salafi trend not only a "miracle" he was in Parliament evidence of the great change that has occurred in Egypt after the revolution, who insisted those on the change in the oath taken by the new deputies, to add to pledge to preserve the Constitution and the law, the requirement is not in contradiction with Islamic Sharia.
He recalls the Egyptians how the parliament sessions in the era of the former regime under the full control of the Congress of power, so it was an atmosphere of freedom in the Parliament of the revolution are interesting, even if some thought it came out a little bit about discipline, not only added to the section on the Vice Salafists as added other words referring to respect for revolution and uphold its principles.
Denied the leadership of party light ancestral of the island, and any regulations of Representatives amendment in the section, providing for respect for Islamic law, and MP Ashraf Thabet, who was elected as an agent of the Council that it is related to freedom of MP, and expressed his belief that it did not matter given that the Constitution provides thatIslamic Sharia is the main source of legislation.
And spread an atmosphere of freedom in the new parliament to include Fashion House, which showed the turban associated with scientists Al-Azhar in parallel with the sensible, which puts the people of Sinai on their heads, as well as hat Bedouin that characterize the people of Marsa Matruh, near the border with Libya, as well as clothes that used to Salafis wear.
Congress chose to others with scarves to show direction different messages, where the deputy wore a scarf carrying the Egyptian flag colors and logos of the Revolution, while selected more than twenty deputies scarves bearing the words refuse to try civilians before military courts.
As witnessed by the new parliament of the many changes in people, shapes and styles, the Egyptian people seem eager to be of long duration changes the essence of the policies and conditions to feel the fact that the country has changed after the revolution than before.

Source: Al Jazeera 

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