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Croats vote for the European Union

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Voters gave the Croats the green light to their country to join the European Union in a referendum on Sunday.
Official results showed the initial referendum, voters approved the Croats to join their country to the EU in 2013, said Electoral Commission official said that 67% agreed to become their country's 28th member in the European Union after more than twenty years of Croatia's secession from former Yugoslavia.
He said Croatian President Ivo Josipovic "This was a very important day for Croatia, as well as the result of today's resolution .. Select Croatia as a European."
And welcomed the Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic this result, which paves the way to the European Union next year, and considered the people's vote as a historic decision and perhaps a turning point in the history of Croatia, as he put it.
He also welcomed the President of the European Union and the European Commission's decision yesterday to join the Croatian electorate bloc, and said the referendum is positive, "a clear reference to the South East Europe as a whole."
The head of the Union, Herman Van Rompuy in a joint statement with the Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said: "This shows that the membership of the European Union within reach through the political courage and strong reforms."
"But this is a positive vote is good news for Croatia, but also for the region and for Europe .. EU membership will open new opportunities for the Croats and will help in securing stability and prosperity of their homeland."
The accession of the former Yugoslav state to the Union still needs to get the green light in the parliaments of Croatia and the 27 member states of the European Union. It is scheduled to Croatia to join the bloc in the first in July 2013.

Source: Agencies
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