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After a quarter century acquittal a woman killing her baby

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Picture published site "ABC" of Loris, who died strangled and his mother was acquittedafter a quarter century of suspicion of murder

Acquitted or American suspicion of killing her baby after a quarter century, and was credited with the modern techniques to shed new light on the crime.
The child was Nicolas Loris (six years) may be found in the February 21, 1987 by strangulation, 150 meters from his home region of Davidson in North Carolina.
He suspected then that the mother is the killer, a suspect was a psychological burden them, and cost also the loss of her eldest son, who decided to leave home to live with his father, as well as search warrants and DNA tests, remained haunted the question: "What happened to her exactly?".
But police and 25 years after the crime has returned to govern innocently mother Elizabeth and Otkins. Investigators were able to cooperate with the FBI that Adzmoa that the effects of claws and scratches found on the body of the child were not to do but from his mother and did a number of medium-sized dogs.
The investigation concluded that the Loris smother after he met a group of dogs, he drew heavily from his clothes around his neck.
Said David Friedman, a lawyer and Otkins for the channel "ABC News" that the investigators were able to enlarge images thanks to the technology better, and examined the wound closely, and found that their effects are consistent with the effects left by the claws of dogs.
The police announced officially that Otkins acquitted of suspicion, and that the file had been closed crime.
Friedman's lawyer, said that the police collected before the announcement at the angry son and his mother informed him of the new developments, and the son and his mother returned to live together.
"It did not heal (and Otkins) only 25 years, however, to carry the burden has shifted."

Source: U.S. press

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