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Watch a video of how to make statues Oscars manually
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Oscar statues of the famous small distributed annually in the United States to reward the stars of world cinema and productions, made by hand in a factory in Chicago and delivery is the result of a long process.
Metal "Britannia" used in the manufacture of these statues much like a mixture of tin, carefully poured into molds before it cools quickly.Needs prepared then to shine under the lights of Hollywood to work 40 hours of long and careful honing of these sculptures and the refined.According to the French news agency, he and after removal of all impurities dipped statues Her distinctive shape, which represents a knight His jaw was issued broad carrying a sword, in a mixture of copper, nickel, silver and gold from the 24-carat, subject again to refine before the coated Balbrnic and then describe the precision of supported by the expert put gloves on a solid base.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and sciences, which gives the oldest Academy Awards American cinema, is determined to maintain the manufacturing process of this manual because of high quality.

The potential risks to resort to the production of less expensive, her body strongly what happened during the Awards, Golden Globe last year, when the actor Robert De Niro to the press conference without his prize because the statue has his head and said, De Niro day to reporters: "I have divided it Top must butchery again. "

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