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Yemen's Abyan .. The risk of humanitarian catastrophe

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Displaced people in a school in Aden ( Al Jazeera )
Samir Hassan - Aden
Warned relief organizations and government in Yemen, the deterioration of the humanitarian situation for nearly half a million people have fled the southern Abyan province, tens of thousands of them because of the continued fighting between government forces and armed groups are believed to belong to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.
The activists said the humanitarian field in Yemen, about 150 thousand people displaced out of the show and settled in the public schools, they are suffering ill health and living conditions, while others stayed within the areas of conflict are in urgent need of urgent relief aid.
The Minister for the House of Representatives and the Shura Council Mohammed Ahmed Kahlani that tens of thousands have been displaced from their homes by the fighting, and they are now living accommodation areas in five southern provinces under suffering from a severe shortage of medical and food aid.
The minister, who heads the unit executive management camps for the displaced, to some 140 displaced people, mostly children and women live and their public schools so bad.

Lack of aidThe Kahlani the government did not receive any foreign aid for relief to the displaced, adding time to receive the same kind of materials Oman on three payments helped a lot in alleviating the suffering in addition to some in-kind support and assistance provided through international relief organizations.
He talked about the arrival of aid from the People's Republic of China contains rice, biscuits and some medicines, and is being distributed to prepare for the next two days in the presence of Chinese Foreign Minister.
But he stressed that the relief efforts are still limited and do not meet the size to fill the suffering which he said had become a double on a daily basis the longer the displacement, calling on the international community and relief agencies and associations to double their efforts.
He noted the Yemeni official that the new Government of Concord stated in its work to provide aid to displaced people and returning them to their homes, but he believes it is unable to time the moment to start implementing the program and meet their obligations because they are still in the beginning of the path and because of the conditions of the complex political, as he put it.
According to a Yemeni official statistics issued by the previous management information center camps for displaced people, "the number of displaced in the southern province of Abyan reached the end of October / November last 138 208, representing 35% of the total population."
Abyan province is experiencing heavy fighting since March / March, between the army and militants calling themselves "Ansar al-Sharia," managed to control the most important cities in which two Jaar and Zanzibar.
And emphasizes human rights activist, Jamal Hussein city of Zanzibar that the insurgents are still in full control of the cities, and the confrontations between them and the Yemeni army stationed on the coastal strip of the city is renewed from time to time.

Urgent reliefAccording to the return of Omar, Deputy Head of Mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Aden, tens of thousands of residents remaining in conflict zones Abyan tragic living conditions and in need of urgent humanitarian relief.
He pointed out that the mission was able during the past two weeks to reach Jaar and some villages and the surrounding areas, was the distribution of relief items for 24 thousand families fled the villages and rural areas within the show and four thousand displaced families in Lahj province.
He stressed that there are areas in the internal displacement of the show is still the mission found it difficult to access to provide relief as a result of the continuing battles ports that region.
In the same context, warned the Executive Director of the Red Crescent Aden Omar Mohammed Zgle of a health disaster threatening the displaced areas of accommodation and Aden governorates of pilgrimage, white and Shibuya.
Zgle said that about 150 thousand displaced families from Abyan members suffering from malnutrition and lack of clean water to add to the spread of epidemic diseases such as cholera.
He also criticized the weakness of government's role in the organization and coordination with relief organizations in providing humanitarian assistance to those displaced, and the provision of shelter areas safer for them.

Source: Al Jazeera

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