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Helen Blanchon get the title Miss Obese women's for 2012

Won Hislan Blanchon-old 29-year title of Miss France for women obese in 2012 in the competition, designed to prove that beauty is not limited to petite women.
The newspaper "Le Parisien" that the French Blanchon expressed her happiness uponwinning the title, emphasizing that women represent a large proportion of obese women around the world and it is only logical that beauty pageants around the world on a few thin.

The Miss France obese women had been organized for the first time since 5 years in order to meet the obsession with thin, which is spread widely among French women.

And stresses the World Health Organization statistics that the proportion of Sylphs in the world are increasing about 20 percent.
Also emphasizes statistics and French Ministry of Health that 50 percent of French womenabove the 35 years are overweight, despite what is known of French elegance.

Source: Seventh Day

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