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Injuries raids on the Gaza Strip

Aircraft fired more rockets into northern Gaza Strip ( Al Jazeera  - Archive)

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Israeli warplanes launched at dawn on Tuesday series of air raids on sites in the GazaStrip, killing many of the injuries and medical sources have described as "minor."


Palestinian sources reported that Israeli warplanes launched a series of raids on the north and south of the Gaza Strip.


According to sources, the aircraft fired a missile over the areas in the northern Gaza Strip,also bombed a site belonging to the Palestinian resistance in the southern Gaza city ofKhan Younis, but it did not lead to injuries.


The news agency said, "Together" newsletter on its website that two people wereresistance fighters in Israeli shelling targeted Moaqaa in the east of Jabaliya and BeitLahiya.


Turn, the Israeli military said its aircraft had targeted tunnels and armed groups in the Gaza Strip, according to "together."


The most recent raid in the Gaza Strip martyrs expect to 18 of this month which killed two martyrs, and it should be noted that eight Palestinians, including six insurgents were killed in the December / December last in the Israeli raids on the Gaza Strip.


The Egypt intervened in December / January last for a truce after a series of raids carried out by Israeli aircraft were evacuated resistance factions fired rockets.

Source: Al Jazeera + and agencies

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