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Maradona: Pele unemployed for 20 years and more like a stuffed animal moving distance

مارادونا: بيليه عاطل منذ 20 عاما وأشبه بدمية تتحرك عن بعد
MADRID (EFE) - as usual, did not hesitate to Argentine football legend Diego Armando Maradona to defend his compatriot Lionel Messi, Barcelona star, even if it cost him the battle of words with a new arch-rivals Brazil's Pele, where he called a "dummy idle."
The pellet (71 years) may refuse any kind of comparison with Messi (24 years), when he said in a press statement Friday: "When Messi 1.283 score goals and win by 3 Mundialat, its time we talk."
The pellet, nicknamed the black gem "records can be overcome by all of us, but it would be very difficult to exceed one my numbers. People always ask me when will generate a new Pele. And I say will never happen, my mother and my father closed the factory boys."
Maradona's response was sarcastic as usual, said during a news conference in the UAE, "should not be blamed on what Pele says .. it is not wrong .. it is out of work since 20 years .. so it does not go to the supermarket."
Coach link and complete the UAE and related irony, saying "the only place to see a Pele is currently FIFA's concerts, when walking backwards (FIFA president Joseph) Blatter, as if the doll is moved by remote control," according to the newspaper "Marca" sports.
Maradona talking and go to the serious nature, noting that he "can not be linked to describe Messi Balasttnaúa crowned world cups or register more than a thousand targets .. does not need to prove that he is the best in history."
The myth that the Argentine agreement on the player and one crowned the best in history "is impossible."
Also re famously that "the best in history will be a combination of player Stefano Lodi Maradona, Messi and Cruyff."
Source: E F E

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