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Netanyahu warns of Iran memory of the Holocaust

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that Israel must not hesitate to act alone to thwart any threat to its existence, citing lessons learned from the Holocaust and the risk of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons.
In his speech to Parliament - before the International Day of Remembrance for the Holocaust in January 27 - Netanyahu praised the European Union's decision Monday to impose sanctions on Iranian oil exports.
"But in this day of international cooperation and achieved a significant achievement against Iran, I would like to remind everyone the lesson the main lesson of the Holocaust against our people, which is that when there is a threat to our existence should not leave our fate in the hands of others, and when a question of our destiny must be depend on ourselves. "
Netanyahu repeated his call for tougher sanctions on Iran, accompanied by a "credible military option" to dissuade Tehran from developing nuclear weapons. But it hinted that Israel is not about to give up international diplomatic efforts to curb Iran's nuclear ambitions.
Netanyahu said that one of the lessons of the Holocaust is that Israel must "Configuring the largest possible number of alliances in the world" to act against any threat to its existence.
But he added: "We should not bury our heads in the sand, the Iranian regime explicitly calls for the destruction of Israel and plans to destroy Israel and is working on the destruction of Israel, says the lesson that the world must be vigilant."
Israel believes that Iran's acquisition of nuclear weapons would constitute a threat to its existence, and that all options are open in dealing with Tehran, which insists it is enriching uranium to generate electricity.
The United States expressed concern that Chen Asrial pre-emptive strike on Iran, which increases the instability in the volatile region.
It is noteworthy that Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said last week that any decision on a strike against Iran "too far."

Source: Reuters

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