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64 people in Syria and clashes Bdraa and Idlib

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Syrians mourn a dead shot dead by Syrian security forces (Al-Jazeera - Archive)

She said the local coordinating committees in Syria, said the death toll shot dead by security forces and the Syrian army on Tuesday stood at 64 dead, mostly in the city of Homs, has seen cities always close to Damascus and Halfaya and Castle Strait Brief Hama and Jassim in a shield and the city of Idleb clashes between the Syrian army and free the forces of order.
Activists and broadcast images on the Internet showing the situation in the grove in the city of Homs after the launch of the army fired mortars at a residential area in the neighborhood, where people rushed to rescue the number of patients injured in the bombing.
The forces shelled the door shy of Palmyra and the grove which led to the collapse of houses on the heads of its inhabitants and killing dozens. As the city of Homs and short-righteous in Idleb to indiscriminate bombing struck a number of houses and firing on the demonstrators.
Hama was alive and in the door before me and Hamidiya to mortar shelling by government forces, and spread snipers on the roofs of buildings, and cut off communication from the city.
Always saw the cities of Damascus and Brief Halfaya and Castle Strait Brief protectors and a shield in the Jassim and the city of Idleb clashes between the army and the forces of the free system.
The Syrian army sent reinforcements to the shield after a series of clashes with the dissidents who have become increasingly confronting the forces of order, while the number of victims of security campaigns and confrontations that took place yesterday to 36 people dead, according to what she said to the local coordination committees.
The Syrian Revolution sites on the Internet that a new military reinforcements with heavy machinery and a large number of elements of the army and the Syrian security stationed since the mid-Monday night at the gates to shield the city east and west, and stood at the entrances of other forces near the town of Sidon.
The city and a shield for the control of the regular forces, but the dissident soldiers who have become a threat to these forces with the escalating clashes in the province located in southern Syria.

Arms salesOn the other hand, expressed by Britain and France have expressed their concern of supplying weapons to the Syrian regime or smuggled into the opposition, and warned that this would lead to further bloodshed.
He said Britain's ambassador to the United Nations Mark Lyall Grant, at a meeting of the Security Council during the discussion of the problem of the Middle East, "We are concerned about the supply of weapons to Syria, whether sales to the government or the illegal smuggling to the system or the opposition."
He cited Lyall Grant - without mentioning Russia by name - to meet in the media said the Russian official said his country's exports of weapons to Damascus, had no effect on the situation there.
The British Ambassador, "We disagree with that fundamentally different, it is quite clear that the transfer of weapons to the middle of a violent turbulent action is frivolous and will not only increase the bloodshed."
For his part, said the French ambassador at the United Nations "It is unacceptable to continue certain countries including the members of this Council in the provision of the means of violence against the Syrian people."
The United States and its European allies have called for an arms embargo from the United Nations and other sanctions on Syria, but Russia strongly opposes the issuance of a decision in this regard from the UN Security Council.
The U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, it was time to announce that all states ban on arms sales to Damascus, and called for countries exporting to voluntarily stop all arms sales to the Syrian regime.
Research Institute, says the Russian military "Cast" that Syria bought $ 700 million dollars of Russian weapons in 2010.

Source: Al Jazeera

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