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Killed 7 in the collapse of buildings in Brazil

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Rescue and fire continue to search for the missing (European)

Brazilian authorities confirmed Friday the high death toll from the collapse of three buildings in downtown Rio de Janeiro to seven people, after finding more bodies under the rubble.
There are still nearly two dozen people missing since the collapse of three buildings nearby - which has offices - and one of the 20-storey, on Wednesday in the heart of the city near the field Sanlandia one of the major areas of the Rio de Janeiro, and includes a number of attractions including theater Municipality and the National Museum of Fine Arts.
When the collapse was most of the occupants of the property had already left their jobs.The number of one-story buildings, ten others and the second four.
The President of the Fire Department was likely to be Ronaldoaalcantara recover the bodies remaining within a few hours, he said, adding, "We believe that we come to the room were held inside a lecture training for technicians in the computer, and was concentrated with the largest number of people at the time of the accident."
And continued nearly a hundred people from the Fire Department tracing all day on Friday.Said Mayor Eduardo Paes said 15 thousand tons of rubble removed from the site early Friday.
So far there is no "answers crucial" for the cause of the accident, despite the exclusion of experts to be caused by an explosion after a gas leak.
It is said that investigators are focusing on possible defects in the construction of a building, and probably the longest in the building because of illegal acts by the population to change at least two floors.
Collapse of the buildings and new concerns about safety in the city that will host the World Cup soccer in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016.

Source: Agencies

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