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Pain is more severe than the pain of women men

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Women feel pain more than men feel, as shown by the results of a study of tens of thousands of patients in the United States.

According to de site Health News that the U.S. study conducted by researchers fromStanford University School of Medicine, during which they analyzed the medical records ofmore than 72 thousand patients Rashid, showed that the pain test them women are moresevere than that felt by the men.

The lead author of the study, Dr. Atul Butte that in most cases, the difference in the severity of pain up to the highest rate on a scale of between one and ten.

He added that there are numerous studies show that women talk about the pain the most, which reminded him of the men in many diseases and we are not the first to discover it, butour new focus is on the pain after that everyone was focused on the proportion of mencompared to women you with any problem of clinical.

Source: German

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