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Obama lists the achievements and undertake reforms

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Obama's speech on the state of the Union (the island)

The number of U.S. President Barack Obama in his annual State of the Union achievements of his administration, starting to withdraw from Iraq and the elimination of al Qaeda leader the late Osama bin Laden, to the achievements of his administration economic, while praised spring Arab, he stressed his country's determination to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, as he did not forget to renew America's commitment to maintaining Israel's security.
President Obama began his annual speech - delivered in Congress on Tuesday evening local time - by paying tribute to the fact that American soldiers are no longer fighting in Iraq and that al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden "is no longer a threat" to the United States.

Obama said in his State of the Union, which comes nine months before launching his presidential election, the mandate of the Thaana "for the first time in nine years, there is no American fighting in Iraq, for the first time in two decades is not Osama bin Laden is a threat to this country."

Arab springHe praised Obama's speech "amazing transformation" caused by "Arab spring" and promising that America will stand with the democratic forces against the "violence and threat."

"I do not know exactly when this will end the stunning transformation, we will support policies that promote a strong, stable democracies and open markets, because the dictatorship does not withstand freedom."

On the issue of Syrian Obama said that the winds of change can not be refunded to the back and can not be a profanation of human dignity of peoples.

Iran and IsraelOn the other hand, Obama said in his speech that the United States is determined to prevent Iran from gaining nuclear weapons and will not exclude any option for achieving that end.

He said Obama must resolve the dispute over Iran's nuclear program in a peaceful way would still be possible if Tehran changed course and fulfilled its international obligations.

Obama also stressed the "firm commitment" to the United States to maintain the security of Israel, "The military cooperation between us and Israel is the strongest and we will keep it."

Economic situationIn economic affairs, who has devoted the greater part of the speech, the number of Obama administration economic achievements in several areas, including on demands to reduce unemployment in the country, Obama urged everyone not to shirk their responsibilities under the economic system, starting from the top of the pyramid to the base.
Obama said "in the past few months we have created millions of jobs", recalling that he and six months before he came to America lost about four million jobs.
"I refused to fall apart in the automotive sector, while some were calling to let this industry to collapse and fade, and today this sector returned the first car maker in the world."
Obama stressed the need to reform the tax code, and urged the Republican and Democratic parties to work together in order not to impede the passage of laws that management deems appropriate.
Obama stressed the need to reduce taxes on companies that create jobs within the country. And that the administration will support the companies that create jobs and focus on clean energy.

Source: Al Jazeera + and agencies

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