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Prosperity of Arab schools in Britain

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140 schools
 to teach Arabic in Britain

Debtor Diriye - London

See the Arab and Islamic schools that teach Arabic in Britain prosperous and strong growth due to demand Galten Arab and Islamic teaching this language to their children.

Dozens of schools and the spread of formal and informal, who teaches Arabic in different parts of the UK, amid warnings from some local councils from inadequate regulation.

The estimated schools that teach Arabic language to more than 140 schools, some of them full-time and other learning Arabic in the weekend, and there are 21 schools in the community Libyan alone, there are in the United Kingdom attended by 4,000 students, asreported by the cultural attaché at the Libyan embassy in London of the island .

Has established Arab communities and some of the embassies of Arab countries a number of schools, although there are demands to open more of them to the children ofcommunities in areas where there are no Arab schoolsand deprived of the opportunity tolearn Arabic.

Arab families are afraid of losing their children to the language

Achieve the dream of
The surge in the number of schools that teach Arabic language concerns of local authorities, as called for to ensure that the parents to send their children to schools, safebuildings, and to verify that workers in these schools do not have a criminal record, and consideration of the quality of the curriculum of their own, because most of those schoolsis registered with the Education Institute.

The aim of these schools for the education of children of Arab communities in the Arabic language and Arab culture and Islamic education and introduce them to their countries of origin.

The relationship has been the new generation who grew up in Britain with the Arabic language source of continuing concern for Arab families, as fear of losing her children tothe Arabic language or faltering in speech, even by these intensive efforts to solve this problem very complex.

He said the student and Sam Abbasi (14 years) of the island that the Arabic languageschools achieved his dream of learning the language of his father, he finds that delay inaccess to these schools is a heavy burden on his studies.

Abbasi and taught at the School of English, and go to Arabic school days in the week, and he thinks that this is not enough to learn Arabic properly.

For its part, expressed Khadija Mohammed (13 years), was glad she finally was able to write messages to their relatives in Morocco in Arabic.

Call to open the schools teaching Arabic in the holidays

Take advantage of the holidays
Khadija and asked to intensify education, and Arab schools in the holidays, so you candouble the study of the Arabic language, and wondered how close the Arab schools in theschool holidays to coincide with the English? And invited to take advantage of the holidaysin the study of Arabic.

The doctor stated that Nuri al-Lutfi and his wife travel to alternate their children for a distance of 30 miles until Alhakohm school Arabic language, although this is a great difficulty for the family.

Some families also have to wait for their children out of school until the end of the period of instruction, after school for their homes, while families alternated on the exchange ofchildren to connect the schools to alleviate the hardships of travel and waiting.

Source: Al Jazeera

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