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Storm the Transitional Council in Benghazi Libya

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Protesters stormed the parliament building in transition and they sabotage it ( Al Jazeera )
Al-Jazeera correspondent in Benghazi that hundreds of protesters stormed the building, the Transitional National Assembly in the city and engaged in sabotage, and surrounded a number of Council members, including Chairman Mustafa Abdul Jalil, during a protest by those with the wounded and missing.
The demonstrators demanded the vigil to send their children abroad for treatment and fate of missing persons and to improve their situation. The news agency Reuters that the protesters also demanded the removal of local officials who support the Libyan Colonel Muammar Gaddafi before the late ousted.
Reuters pointed out that when Abdul Jalil, the demonstrators to meet a group of them threw an empty plastic crate him, prompting security forces to launch bombs Almadmah, and then the demonstrators began throwing stones at the building.
The News reports that Khalid Almher explosions were heard in the vicinity of the Council with a bang in the city, and that chaos was recorded near the headquarters of the Council, adding that the security force charged with protecting it hit the security cordon around the place and prevented anyone from approaching him.
And the transfer of reporter for the Secretary of the Board inhibitor Mustafa Abdul Jalil as saying that he was in the headquarters at the time of the accident, and that work is going on there now as usual.
In turn, said the Secretary-General of the National Transitional Council, told the French press that Abdul Jalil met a group of demonstrators to study their demands, and added that he was sent three ministers to discuss these demands, saying that "the legitimate demands."
Security was tight in the vicinity of the transition, while protesters continued their sit-in in front of the building, and local officials said that an investigation is under way to uncover those responsible for the attack.
The incident comes two days after the exposure of Abdul Hafeez Goukh Vice President of the Council of the beatings and insults on his way to the university to attend a ceremony honoring a number of the "martyrs of the university."
He said Mustafa inhibitor that hit Goukh "serious assault on the transition and the people and the revolution."

Source: Al Jazeera + and agencies

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