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Lift a victim new of the Italian ship

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High number of victims of the sinking of the ship to the 12 people (French)

Rescue teams today recovered the body of a victim of the new ship Costa Concordia, which sank a week ago off the coast of Italy, amid growing fears of environmental disaster due to leakage of large amounts of fuel from the ship.
He said rescuers that the body which raised the number of victims of the disaster to 12, recovered from the back side of the part submerged under water, and stressed the need for an analysis of the DNA of the body in order to determine the identity given to distort her features after having been for a week under water.
For his part, President and intervention units of civil Franco Gabrielli he did not specify a time limit for searches, and confirmed that the divers are working to prepare plans based on data collected from relatives of missing persons to determine the places they are the moment of the sinking of the ship trapped in the stone blocks and endangered drift into the deep sea.
According to the Spokesman for the Coast Guard, Cosimo Nakastru, the chances of finding survivors reduced to a minimum, due to the difficulty to survive under low temperature, even if the appropriate amount of oxygen available.
So far, eight were identified among the 12 dead, six tourists (four French and Italian and Spanish) and the Peruvian waiter and a player of Hungarian, while twenty people remain missing, including a couple dozen Germans, two French and two U.S. soldiers.
The rescue teams have resumed the search at a depth of twenty meters, and the officials spoke on the divers face a number of obstacles, including the closed doors and sets of equipment and furniture, which was the vessel.
The divers planned to use explosives to the work of three openings in the hull when the fifth floor where it is believed that the missing are still trapped inside.
A natural disasterThe other hand, the Italian Council of Ministers decided on Friday announced the region affected by the sinking of the ship in case of a natural disaster.
The environment minister Corrado Clini, this decision "means that all the operations related to this incident is a matter of national and require the participation of national institutions, government and the region."
Worried the authorities of an environmental disaster if the flow of the sea 2380 tons of fuel is still so far tank ship, and pointed out some of the officials to the emergence of the effects of pollution in the region, which sank the ship due to leakage of oils and chemicals that were customized to meet the needs of four thousand passengers on board the ship.

Source: Agencies

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