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Abdul Jalil Mustafa: "Libya may be on its way to the falls have no decision" ئ

Warned Mustafa Abdul Jalil, Chairman of the Transitional National Assembly Libyan, on Sunday that Libya may be on its way to fall into the "abyss have no decision", after a group of protesters stormed the headquarters of the Council in Benghazi on Saturday night when he (Abdul Jalil) chaired a meeting of the Council it.Abdul Jalil said he had accepted the resignation of the mayor of Benghazi after the storming, and it will then be holding an election to choose a new president of the municipality of the city.Abdul Jalil, said in a news conference: "Tiger in the political stage could lead the country into an abyss with no decision."A crowd of angry demonstrators stormed the headquarters of the Provisional Ruling Council in Benghazi on Saturday night, correspondents said that the intruders were demonstrating weeks ago to demand the dismissal of officials of the Libyan regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi who ousted Zloa in office.The demonstrators also demanded transparency in the way of spending the Transitional Council of the Libyan state funds.The official said in remarks to the council, told AFP that the demonstrators attacked the building and overturned the contents of the office upside down.Witnesses said the protesters surrounded the building for several hours and then used the stones and iron bars to break the doors and enter. This was preceded by throwing hand grenades at the building. There were no reports on Kurds fall injuries.The Benghazi was the seat of the birth of the revolution that overthrew the regime of Gaddafi.The Transitional National Assembly has formally constituted in February 27 last, and is headed by Mustafa Abdul Jalil, Minister of Justice, who dissented from the Gaddafi regime during the revolution.The Council is under way in the management of the country for criticism in the recent period.Hundreds of Islamists had gathered in the capital Tripoli Friday to demand that the legislation in the country inspired by the Islamic Sharia.The protesters said that their gathering a response to the emergence of secular political parties after the fall of Gaddafi last year.Demonstrated people, mostly bearded young men in the fields of waving Korans in the capital city of Tripoli and Benghazi and Sebha in the southern desert has been organized by a political and religious groups are Islamic.In the field of Algeria in Tripoli Islamists burned copies of the Green Book, written by Gaddafi on politics, economy and daily life to confirm that the Koran should be the only source of legislation in the country.In contrast, chanted a group of "moderates" who protested in the field for more than a month, saying, "We want a civil state."Among the demonstrators are members of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, Salafists militants demanding a strict enforcement of Islamic sharia law and moderates calling for the state of civil inspired provisions of Islamic Sharia.
Source: BBC Arabic
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