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Australia: Protesters Detention the prime minister in a restaurant :Watch the video
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Australian media reports that the protesters they detained Prime Minister Julia Gillard and opposition leader Tony Abbott in a restaurant before police were able to exit through a side door.
The reports indicate that Abbott raised the anger of the indigenous population when he pointed out that it is time to end the so-called "indigenous camp."The two were attending a ceremony marking the "Medal of national emergency." The awards gala in Australia, as an expression of appreciation to those who have served their communities through events such as forest fires in Victoria in 2009 and floods in Kjonsland in 2010 and 2011.The Australian newspapers pointed out that about 50 riot police rushed to the restaurant after protesters gathered outside, chanting and the words "shame" and "racist."And Abbott and Gillard had to wait twenty minutes before the police together with their components through a side door.The BBC's Duncan Kennedy, a state of chaos that emerged after the guard grabbed her shoulder from Gillard and push towards a car waiting outside.It seems that the Prime Minister stumbled through it, and lost a pair of her shoes. And beating protesters with their hands on the roof of the car.According to media reports that the protesters expressed their astonishment regarding comments made by Abbott in a television interview and stating that it is time to end the camp in the light of the new plans for the recognition of indigenous peoples in the Constitution of the State.The four men who created this camp in 1972 in protest against the then Prime Minister refused to recognize the rights of indigenous peoples.
Source: BBC Arabic

Video source: Russia Today

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