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student asked Medvedev, President a Russian whether he was ready to accept the rule execution

مدفيديف خلال لقائه طلابا من كلية الصحافة في موكسو الاربعاء 
Wounded Russian President Dmitry Medvedev Wednesday embarrassed during a meeting with students, when asked by a student whether he was ready to accept the "rule execution" style of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.
Said Vladimir Polyakov student in the School of Journalism at the University of Moscow, told the president that "our country is currently witnessing a tense situation, a revolutionary, are you ready to assume your responsibilities?"."Are you ready to defend your decisions before the court" in the event of the outbreak of revolution in Russia?.He said the student "Do you realize that he could issue a ruling your execution? Are you ready to accept it with courage, similar to what he did Saddam Hussein, or do you migrate to North Korea?".And he replied Medvedev, who seemed amazed that he "saw no reason" for the outbreak of revolution in Russia and "not afraid of anything."The Russian leader said, "when one is president, he should be ready to face everything. I'm also ready for that."He told the student "may be a question raised by the most courageous throughout your life."But the student insisted on getting "an accurate answer" by the President to see if "ready to die" for his principles.Here, the president replied, "If you want an accurate response, certainly I am ready to die for my principles."The Russian authorities are facing an unprecedented protest movement since the elections, the fourth of December legislative victory of United Russia ruling party and was marred by fraud according to the opposition and observers.

  Source: French

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