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Finland elects new president

Iensto speaks to supporters in Helsinki on the eve of the presidential election (French)
Went on Sunday, more than four million voters Finnish to the polls to elect a new president, amid signs of a preliminary opinion polls gave the former Minister Sule Iensto great odds.
Polling stations opened across the city gates at six am (GMT) to choose a successor to outgoing President Tarja Halonen.
According to opinion polls, the minister is a former governor Sule Iensto the most likely candidate to succeed Halonen, and up to about 30%, ahead of the rest of the other seven candidates for the presidency.

CompetitorsBut, although issued to the polls, popularity fell Iensto - one of the National Alliance Party led by Prime Minister Ceri Katann - During the past month for the second candidate Blaúhh polls Pekka Haavisto of the Green Party and supporter of the idea of ​​the European Union.
Haavisto and jumped in recent weeks to the second place, with a 13 percent preferential votes of the voters opinion polls, the latest poll published on Friday.
While the center-left party, the conservative candidate Paavo Vairnn third place according to opinion polls by not more than 11%, while down-right People's Party candidate Timoa Sweeney to the fourth and final rate of 6%.
Second roundAccording to the results presented by the monitoring centers of the views of voters, it is expected that the competition lies between Iensto and closest rival, Haavisto.
The polls close at six pm GMT on the results will be announced after hours, if not win any of the candidates by 50% so they can be held back for the best round winners in a row in February next.

Source: Agencies
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