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Israel permits a tool to blackmail the Palestinians

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Crossing is Mitar South West requires a permit Israeli advance ( Al Jazeera )
Awad Rajoub - Hebron
Permits are part of the Israeli restrictions on Palestinian movement, as granted to them subject to the conditions of occupation and attempts to blackmail imposed on the applicants, whether for commercial or political or humanitarian.
It is incumbent upon the workers, patients and families of prisoners and traders wishing to enter Israel to obtain special permits from the Israeli Civil Administration by labor offices or departments the link in the Palestinian Authority, subject to submission by at least two weeks in advance.
Israel is imposing on the Palestinian political figures are willing to travel to get the same permits, and after that stopped since the renewal cards VIP (VIP), including the card Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that replaced the authorization expired two months.

Restrictions and extortionConfirms the Assistant Undersecretary for Civil Affairs Ayman Qandil to highlight the problem faced by asylum permits - especially in humanitarian cases and patients - are not awarded for security reasons, although many cases are difficult and emergency.
He - in his talk of the island - that the occupation authorities imposed on the Palestinian side to apply for permits to enter Israel before the date of their need for two weeks, has refused after this period, pointing to other problems which determine the age groups and social groups and the requirement to justify a visit to the inside.
The Palestinian official to monitor the many attempts to blackmail the Palestinians in exchange for these permits, emphasizing use of a tool for political blackmail.
Israel, he stopped about a year ago to renew VIP cards to Palestinian officials, and proceeded to withdraw from a number of them after monitoring the positions of their anti-occupation, stressing that all Palestinian officials do not have this card now.
For his part, Secretary General of the Federation of Palestinian workers Shaher Saad, the use of permits to blackmail the Palestinian workers who want to work inside the Green Line, referring to the acquisition of about 23 thousand workers permits of this type.
He accused Saad - Speaking of the island - bands of the Palestinians and the Israelis and the Israeli intelligence extorting hundreds of workers for work to provide a living, referring to contacts with international labor organizations to put pressure on the occupation to stop this policy.
A Palestinian worker who declined to be named, he was surprised on his return from his place of work crossing the southern West Bank, Israeli confiscation of his statement, and to request the review of the Israeli intelligence officer responsible for his area.
He said he was surprised to see intelligence by asking him to collaborate with the occupation in return for permission and allow him to go to his place of work, noting that the same thing occurred with other workers.

Violation of the lawIn turn, a field researcher for B'Tselem, the Israeli human rights monitoring Mousa Abu Hashhash many cases took advantage of the occupation and intelligence economic conditions for Palestinians, in particular workers or family reunification or asylum seekers permits humanity, the extortion.
The forms of extortion, the offer of collaboration with Israel (employment) permits to the owners for it, saying that "it is rejected by all international laws and humanitarian."
The field researcher at the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights Fahmi Shahin, that Israel is entitled to - according to international standards and conventions - restricting the freedom of any citizen of the movement, including the freedom to exercise their right to employment, education and treatment.
He said that what the occupation of the procedures and policies amount to crimes "and a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention which forbids an occupying power from the exercise of this kind of blackmail, especially to serve the functions of the occupation of the pressure on the civilians under its authority."

Source: Al Jazeera

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