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Puzzles can ward off Alzheimer's

Image by Argonne National Laboratory via Flickr
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According to a U.S. study that Almdoama to read and solve crossword puzzles and calculations mental life can reduce the opportunity to develop dementia.
Scientists have found who has sought in 65 cases of healthy elderly in the age of 76 who were attending to this matter was to have a less destructive of the protein - known as beta amyloid - associated with Alzheimer's disease than those who were less active mentally.
And a survey of researchers compared the brain at the University of California, Berkeley, levels of amyloid plaques of 65 volunteers with 11 others in the twenties.
Said Dr. William Jagust - Professor at the Institute of Berkeley, Helen Wills Neuroscience, who led the study - that this indicates that cognitive therapy can have a significant therapeutic benefit if applied early enough before the onset of symptoms.
For his part, urged Dr. Simon Ridley, Head of Research Alzheimer's Association, the British research, to take precautions when you come to any conclusions.
He added that while the study found an association between cognitive activity and levels of amyloid protein in the brains of healthy adult volunteers can not be inferred that one causes the other directly. It is important to follow these healthy participants and stand on whether those who have higher cognitive activity were less likely to develop Alzheimer's in the long term.

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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