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28 people in Syria and clashes with dissident

Said the General Authority for Syrian revolt The death toll rose today shot dead by security to 28, including a child, mostly in Homs and Idlib, while five soldiers killed in Homs province, clashes between the regular army and dissident him.
The Commission indicated that among the nine killed and eight Idleb Homs and three Bdraa Hama, and two people in each of Damascus and Deir Al-Zour, Hassake.
A report by the Syrian National Council for the death toll shot dead by security and the army until January 21 to 6581, including 306 women and 448 children, while the number of registered wounded more than twenty thousand.
This comes at a time in which he said Mustafa al-Dabi, head of the Arab observers to Syria that violence had declined gradually with the arrival of observers and to the Syrian government has withdrawn all heavy machinery from the cities. But he added that the task of the mission were not to stop the violence, but to monitor and supervise the implementation of the Syrian government the terms of the Protocol.

Military deathsIn turn, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights to the five elements of the Syrian regular forces were killed and 13 injured, after a clash with the splinter groups a joint security checkpoint in the village of Agriculture of the city of Homs short.
In Idleb also clashes between dissidents and the regular army at dawn on international highway between Damascus and Aleppo, near the Ma'arat Numan.
There were similar clashes in Abu Kamal in the province of Deir al-Zour (Eastern), where civilians were shot and wounded eight heavy machine guns used by the regular army, according to the observatory.
In the Duma, where not only the security forces deployed at the entrances, the observatory reported that more than 150 thousand people gathered Monday for the funeral of 12 civilians.
Homs has also seen violent invasions in several regions, hit by Jouret Shiyah to attack security forces and Cbihh accompanied with heavy fire and fell on the sidewalk citizens because of injuries direct shot by security forces.
In Deir al-Zour, security forces stormed the city and Cbihh Taiana, and strafed the homes of activists and detained a number of them and erected many of the barriers. In the city of Alkorah the Syrian army has launched lead to terrorize the civilians of military checkpoints around the city.
Aircraft from RussiaOn the other hand news agency United Press on Monday for an official Syrian sources as saying that the four elements of the security forces were killed and more than two dozen civilians, including three bullets and explosives, "armed groups".
The oldest in the context of armed men Monday afternoon on the kidnapping of Health Director Dr. Idleb Daudhry joyful. A source close to the family of the United Press that negotiations were underway with the "armed group" that kidnapped him and took him to an unknown destination for the launch.
In the meantime, a news report said that Syria will buy 36 aircraft from Russia's military in a deal worth $ 550 million, despite growing international criticism of Moscow's military cooperation with Damascus.
The Russian newspaper Kommersant that the deal will provide the Syrian Air Force aircraft Russian-made Yak-130 Aakoliv, an aircraft used primarily in the training of fighter pilots, but also capable of attacking ground.
Kommersant said that the delivery of these aircraft could begin as soon as Damascus to pay a down payment of the total contract.

Source: Agencies

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