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Showing posts with label son of Colonel late Muammar Gaddafi revealed to the rebels for the treasures. Show all posts


Saif al-Islam Gaddafi revealed rebels for treasures of his father

تقارير: سيف الإسلام كشف للثوار عن كنوز والده في باب العزيزية مقابل تسليمه للمحكمة الجنائية الدولية
Revealed the news reports Algeria on Sunday that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of Colonel late Muammar Gaddafi revealed to the rebels for the treasures of the headquarters of the rule of his father at the door of Azizia in the context of an undeclared deal to ensure delivery to the International Criminal Court. The newspaper "the day the new Algerian" that the Libyan authorities are preparing to hand over the sword Islam ‮ ‬ the International Criminal Court in The Hague ‮ ‬ for his appearance before it on charges of participating in ‮ ‬ of war crimes and genocide against civilians in collaboration with his father and the leader of the Libyan secret service and a number of military officials in ‮ ‬ the Libyan regime ‮ ‬ earlier, according to the memo issued in ‮ ‬ right after the outbreak of the RevolutionFebruary ‮ 71 ‬ ‮. ‬ The ‮ ‬ the move a week after the deadline ‮ ‬ set by the Office of the Prosecutor ‮ ‬ General of the International Criminal Court and members of the Transitional Council, ‮ ‬ Libyan ‮ ‬ of the season in ‮ ‬ delivery of Gaddafi's son, ‮ ‬ Saif al-Islam, ‮ ‬ has been detained by the rebels and the ‮ ‬ demanding Hague ‮ ‬ Bastelamh to appear before it on several charges, ‮ ‬ The Tripoli has requested a period of three weeks to respond to the request of the Prosecutor ‮ ‬ year, ‮ ‬ but the deadline passed plasticity answer from Libya under the pretext of the deteriorating security situation ‮ ‬ that ‮ ‬ witnessed the ‮ ‬ Beni Walid and the postponement of the meeting of the Interim Council to ‮ ‬ ‮ ‬ Sunday of the season in ‮ ‬ many issues, including the delivery of Saif al-Islam of the Court of The Hague in the Netherlands ‮ ‬ ‮. ‬ The sources attributed the delay and procrastination in ‮ ‬ delivery of Saif al-Islam to attempt the transition ‮ to end the investigation with the largest symbols of the former regime in ‮ ‬ many of the issues most important to detect for the treasures of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi ‮ ‬ estimated billions of dollars hidden in ‮ ‬ secret locations. Sources in ‮ ‬ and the Ministry of Interior Libya that Saif al-Islam had visited during the last few days the Bab Azizia in Tripoli for the detection of where money was ‮ ‬ lie Colonel Gaddafi ‮ ‬ in ‮ ‬ based, ‮ ‬ and the authorities were able to recover tens of millions in ‮ ‬ one secret places inside the door of Azizia not ‮ ‬ known only to the colonel himself and his son, Seif al-Islam and the former Libyan intelligence chief Abdullah Sanusi ‮. ‬ the other hand, ‮ ‬ has Saif al-Islam, ‬ special care of the rebels who Alzentan ‮ holding him since his arrest. And refuse to hand him over to the Central Command in the capital Tripoli. This has been the special mission of the International Red Cross ‮ ‬ and a special committee of the International Criminal Court that she visited Saif al-Islam and stood on the circumstances of his arrest, ‮ ‬ so as not to ‮ ‬ be subjected to ill-treatment, especially after the assassination of both his father and his brother Mu'tasim at the hands of the rebels.

Source: Constitution

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