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"Amnesty" calls for the West to engage with the Islamists

President of the Tunisian Renaissance Movement receive Rashid Ghannouchi upon his return in January 2011After the fall of the Ben Ali (Reuters)
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Amnesty International called on Sunday democracies in the West to overcome the reluctance of Islamic groups which have become popular in North Africa and the Middle East, and ending the policy of supporting "totalitarian regimes".
The organization's executive director Kenneth Roth in an annual report monitors human rights violations, that the "international community of understanding with political Islam, when a majority choice," stated that "the Islamic parties are really popular," urging the West to be more consistent in supporting the forces pro- of democracy in the Arab world.
The report said that "many Arabs had come to define political Islam is the antithesis of authoritarian rule", so the international community should encourage these movements as he said, and "if necessary to press for respect for fundamental rights as expected exactly the party character of Christianity and the governments of Europe." .
Continue to supportHe also contended that it was necessary to end the policy of the West support "a variety of totalitarian Arab regimes" in exchange for supporting the interests "of bias to democratic reforms, even if at the expense of giving up friends in totalitarian regimes."
And hit the report, for example, these policies supported by Washington, the president of Egypt deposed Hosni Mubarak and French President former Tunisian Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, and also dealing west with Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who "considered the bulwark against al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula", in addition to not take a positionstrong in Bahrain "Observance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia" and the fear of Iran's meddling in the affairs of a country with a Shiite majority.

Source: Reuters
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