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Beautiful way to die

 of died of something sent to him
Who did not die by the sword dies ******* with other varied reasons and one death
The meaning is that death which was written on the subjects of one degree, a paradox of the soul the body, although the same insured easier departure from the same infidel.
And Allah knows best.

1 - This is a man died, he knelt in prayer to his Lord died because his heart stopped in this moments are the most beautiful of his death and God.

2-The man died while dancing at a wedding

3-Lightning hit a man twice did not die

How would you like to die ..?

Suppose that God Almighty grant rights to freedom of choice in one day ..
And request you to choose:

1 - What is the way that you love to be caught by the Angel of Death is your soul ..??

2 - at any age wish that to happen ..??

3 - and the goal you want to achieve before that ..??

4 - Any place where you would like to die ..??

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