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Ban on the burqa in the Netherlands early next year

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The Dutch government expects to enter the ban on wearing the burqa and the niqab is now contained in a bill, come into force from the beginning of 2013, as reported by the Interior Ministry statement Friday.

She explained a spokeswoman for Dutch Interior, everything depends on the speed with which would follow the bill in the House and Senate.

For his part, said Maxime Verhagen, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economic Affairs that the Council of Ministers decided to refer the bill to the House after the Council of State gave his opinion in which a few days ago.

Verhagen said that the ban also applies to masks and helmets if driving motorcycles worn by people in inappropriate places, denying that the ban special clothes of a religious nature.

The center-right government announced on September 16 / September last the ban on wearing the burqa and the veil in the Netherlands, according to the intergovernmental agreement has the support of far-right party led by Geert Wilders, but they were waiting forthe opinion of the Council of State to refer the project to the House of Representatives.

And wearing a small number of Muslim women the veil in the Netherlands, estimated their number at between 100 and 400 women only.

Source: Agencies

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