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Gingrich is a U.S. state on the moon

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Image by via Flickr

Pledged to the Republican candidate for the U.S. presidential elections, Newt Gingrich to build a U.S. state on the surface of the moon if he is elected president.
The Daily Telegraph that Gingrich promised to voters in a speech near the Kennedy Space Center's NASA that by 2020 there will be American families living and working in the American colony on the moon.
He also pointed out that when a population of 13 thousand, which might turn to the state of the colony 51.
The newspaper said that Gingrich comparable to the admiration of his obsession with space gardens animals, confirmed that the discovery of the world will inspire young people to feel they are part of a generation of people grew bold capable of doing heroic and daring, as he put it.
In response to Come laughter from the audience who gathered in the city of Cocoa, Florida, acknowledged Gingrich that the presence of a U.S. state on the Moon may be "the strangest thing is doing," but said that this is part of a wider plan for the launch of the inherent strength of the American people.
In an editorial the Daily Telegraph said that politicians often promise the Earth, but this time Fbaalghemr.
But draw attention to that Gingrich may be serious in his presentation especially as it was one of the founders of "gathering space" in Congress, and wrote for the transfer of jobs to the moon, and said that award a $ 20 billion that can carry men to Mars much faster than the bureaucratic procedures of the Agency NASA.
Source: The Daily Telegraph 

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