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Return to prison after he left a few hours

Seems to be a taste of freedom did not live up to a U.S. citizen went out Tuesday from theprison, has been to it after a few hours because of the daring robbery of a bank on the same day it released him.

The newspaper's Register Guard, the authorities released Tuesday Adam Ashe from prison in Oregon, and gave officials eighth taxi bus to his hometown, after serving his sentence for his conviction on charges of setting fire to a post office in 2009, andattributed the cause to the anger of sending American soldiers to Iraq and Afghanistan .

Following his release, a middle man on a bank in the town of Eugene, and took two thousand dollars after they handed the Fund and the working paper where it says "He'sarmed."

But a policeman was near the bank to stop the lookout for him, and arrested him afterthree minutes of the theft. Ashe and now awaits his trial.

Source: French

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