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Does not cause eating foods regularly fried heart attack as he was known,

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Does not cause eating foods regularly fried heart attack as he was known, but it depends on the quality of oil used and whether used before or not, is the best for frying oils are olive oil and sunflower oil.
I have found the latest study, published in Spanish the British Medical Journal that there is no link between the large number of eating fried food and the incidence of serious heart disease.
But the British Heart Foundation, warned the British of the rush to use the pan, pointing out that the diet of the Mediterranean region as a whole healthier than the British system.
The Spanish researchers followed more than 40 thousand people, a third of them women, from the mid-nineties to 2004, and did not find an association between consumption of fried food and the risk of heart disease, or death.
Supported this study, two other studies, and one from Costa Rica and the second for an international team. But this does not mean that eating frequent meals of fish and chips will not have health consequences, said Professor Michael Aatzmann Reginesporg from the University in Germany.
Food is fried already has a high calorie and has also associated with high blood pressure and obesity.
The Spanish owners of the study to the possibility of applying the results to other Mediterranean cities have similar diets, and people tend to fry with olive oil and sunflower.
The scientists argued that foods fried in a takeaway on the modern American way different because it is cooked in oils and recycled fat is saturated. In addition, the ready-made meals such as these tend to contain too much salt is known that it increases blood pressure and the risk of heart disease.
Advised nutritionists in Britain, replacing saturated fats such as butter or lard or palm oil, unsaturated fats as a way to maintain low cholesterol, and this study provides another reason to make this transformation.
Regardless of the cooking methods used, the consumption of foods rich in fat means an income of high calories. This can lead to weight gain and obesity, which is a risk factor of heart disease factors.
And a balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables and less fried foods which are best for a healthy heart.
Source: The Daily Telegraph

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