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The success of smaller sailors in the adventure

Laura Decker and arrived at the port of St. Martin Caribbean after a full year of its launch (French)
Ended the Dutch teen Laura Dekker (16 years) its voyage around the world in a small boat, to become the youngest sailors succeed in the adventure of this kind.
According to Radio Netherlands Worldwide that Decker and arrived at the port of St. Martin in the Caribbean, after a full year of its launch on board a boat length of 11.5 meters, and the waiting crowds cheering.
The radio that Decker - which will be the 17-year-old on September 20 / September next - smashed the previous record by 8 months, since that was carrying the title before the Australian Emma Watson, which was achieved completion in May / May 2010 by threedays of the year of attainment of 17.
It is noted that the achievement will not be officially Decker could face legal problems, and will not be included in the Guinness Book of cruel because it is a minor, and scored the Guinness decided not to recognize the numbers of young sailors so as not to encourage serious adventures.
The director of the Decker she was aspiring to achieve her dream and turn it into reality, away from the records.
And began Decker from Gibraltar to the surprise of its supporters and the media, because they wanted to not bring attention, after a legal battle in her country the Netherlands, where the able bodies of child protection to prevent a court order for a period of ten months of sailing on the pretext of fear for her safety and psychological health.
The journey began Decker from Portugal across the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean and then through the Panama Canal, and stopped in the Galapagos Islands and then went to Australia and Thailand, and returned to Europe via the Gulf of Aden, where piracy abound.
Decker was born in New Zealand during a trip around the world by her parents, and sailed alone for the first time to the northern parts of the Netherlands is in the eleventh.

Source: Agencies
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