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Afghan put sextuplets

Developed a poor Afghan sextuplets, three males and three females, the same averagenumber of children she bears women throughout Afghanistan.

Gul said Sarah (22) years, one of the Balkh province north of the country she had tried to abort herself after she learned that she was pregnant with six children, noting that it jumpedfrom the top of the wall, but that did not cause any harm embryos.

Her husband thanked God (27) years and is unemployed, like many in his countrydevastated by war, he said: "God blessed me with six children, but I am concerned about their future."

The doctor explained Abdel-Raouf, Chicken of the maternity department, five of the six children in good health, while the sixth is suffering from a lack of weight, which had to be placed in care after birth.

The birth of this number of children is rarely normal, and often the result of treatment withfertility, but these treatments do not exist in Afghanistan, and boasts of Afghan familieslarge, but war and conflict and extreme poverty make one out of every four dies before the age of five.

The Ministry of Health warns that the country's population of 30 million people will double inthe next few years, which hampers economic growth opportunities in one of the poorestcountries in the world.

Source: Reuters

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