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Chinese seek to give birth in the Year of the Dragon

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With the start of Year of the Dragon in the Chinese calendar on Monday, looking forwardparents across the country to receive the "born in the Dragon" in the hope that brings themthis code - which has been associated long Bibatrh China, power and intelligence - luck and wealth.

And seeks hundreds of millions of Chinese to give birth during this period, thousands ofwomen are flocking to Hong Kong - which does not apply where one-child policy in force in the All-China - to put the think they will be "born lucky."

Doctors warned that some women may resort to illegal means to avoid restrictionsimposed by the State to discourage women from coming to the region.

The Hong Kong authorities announced last June that it would allow only 34 thousand for the development of women from outside the region, compared to forty thousand the development allowed by the year 2010.

Chinese newspapers and spoke on the operations of illegal entry to the territory of China, where the women to go directly to the emergency departments to give birth because hospitals can not refusing in such cases.

The last year saw the alpha status of development and 656 non-residents of Chinese women in Hong Kong directly Qsdn emergency departments in the region, double thenumber of cases in 2011.

Source: Reuters

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