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Twitter imposes restrictions on the content of Ngredat users in some countries

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Twitter announced that he may be forced to impose restrictions on Ngredat 
 users in certain countries which renews questions about how to handle this platform to connect with the social issues of freedom of expression in the time that it expands the base of usersaround the world quickly.
  So far, Twitter forced to delete from its global network Ngradh if received a request from the Government of this. But the company said in a letter published on her blog Thursdaythat it now has the ability to prevent the emergence of Ngradh specific users in a country.
The Code of Twitter "Starting today, give ourselves the possibility to prevent content fromappearing to users in a particular country with the availability in the rest of the world," and hit the Twitter examples of cases that will cooperate in the imposition of restrictions such as "content pro-Nazi" in France and Germany, countries prohibiting such content .
The Web site said he coined the transparency mechanism for involving users in the case of notification to prevent the emergence of what NgradhThe spokeswoman declined togive details about Twitter on the blog.
Reflects the recognition that Twitter would impose censorship on the content a significant change in his style than it was just one year when coordinated anti-government protestersin Tunisia, Egypt and other Arab countries to mass demonstrations by social networking.

Source: Reuters

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