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Attack near the home of bin Laden in Pakistan

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Pakistani forces near the house where he was staying bin Laden in northern Pakistan (Reuters - Archive)

Pakistani authorities said that unidentified gunmen fired nine missiles at a military academy near the house that was inhabited by the former al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in northern Pakistan, Islamabad Ipet causing damage, but no injuries.
She explained that only three missiles hit the outer wall of the Academy at a distance of five hundred meters from the house the rest fell in the free zone.
No one has claimed responsibility for the attack. Said Imtiaz Hussain Shah, a senior official in the government, local authorities began a search for the perpetrators.
And kill bin Laden in a raid by American power, especially in May / May, and he was tension in the relations between the United States and Pakistan after the discovery of the last that Washington has recruited a secret Pakistani agents to kill him, even though Islamabad is an important ally for America in its war against the so-called terrorism.
Gunmen killedThe other hand, the authorities announced that the Pakistani army killed twenty armed men yesterday after being attacked in the tribal region near the generosity of the border with Afghanistan in which 22 soldiers were wounded.
Media sources quoted a government official as saying that a group of militants attacked a security in the territory northwest of the generosity of the country, security forces responded by firing on militants believed to be from Pakistan or Taliban groups loyal to it.
The Pakistani army is a series of military operations against insurgents in some areas of the North West have so far arrested and killed a large number of them, according to Pakistan's official version.

Source: Agencies

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