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The release of the accused scandal silicon

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Diamond wanted by Interpol because of the international driving under the influence of alcohol, Costa Rica (French)

French sources said on Friday he was released, Jean-Claude Mas president of the company that has raised health scandal sells defective fillings breast, but he faces charges of causing bodily harm.
And released by a short (72 years), on bail of one hundred thousand euros (131 thousand and $ 600) and was prevented from traveling or meeting with former executives at the "Poly Ampelant Protais" which ceased to operate.
Said Yves Smith's lawyer accused the French channel iTELE "We are pleased that Mr. Diamond will be able to explain his position to judge, this is a source of satisfaction for him." He added that "with regard to charges of manslaughter the judge decided that there is no connection of this kind at this time."
Although it will not be investigated with MAS for manslaughter, as expected, it is facing criminal charges punishable by prison sentences longer than those faced by others in a fraud case is expected to begin in his trial in October / October.
The International Police (Interpol) issued "red notices" against diamond-related issue in Costa Rica in June 2010, when police said there that the diamond was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, but he fled the country and did not appear in court on time.
And enjoyed Poly Ampelant Protais years earlier success and achieved global sales of a large staff, but behind the scenes and Diamond himself confessed to concealing the use of cheap industrial silicone is not authorized for use in medical purposes for accreditation bodies.
ConcernsFears in France after a woman died (53 years) underwent silicone implants in her breasts by her is a rare tumor of the breast lymphatic system, which hit last November, in addition to the presence of eight cases of their owners suffered from cancer.
And confirmed the health authorities in France and other countries that there is no evidence of a link between the products of poly Ampelant Protais and cancer, but surgeons say that the rates of rupture of these fillings high as abnormal. The company distributes its products in more than 65 countries, especially Latin America and Europe.
In the first arrests since the scandal topped the headlines in all the countries of the world in December / January last was arrested at his home on the diamond in the Côte d'Azur in southern France early Thursday, police searched his villa and luxury.
And welcomed the women who organize campaigns against the company since the French authorities banned the products two years ago the move, as it giving them a sense that the law began to take its course.
He also welcomed the lawyers for the women in France have come forward complaints against defective fillings breast man's arrest and said he should not escape the justice of the diamond.
The criticism has been directed to the French authorities that it is slowly dealing with the issue that has raised fears among tens of thousands of women who had undergone surgery were used breast defective fillings produced by the French company.
In March / March 2010 called for inspectors French to withdraw products from the market on fears about the quality, but it is not advised officials in Paris remove fillings breast surgically only last month, which highlighted the problem faced by women in the world planted their charges from the company's production once the third largest supplier of this type of tissue in the world.

It also advised France and Germany, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic and Venezuela, all the women who used fillings removed as a preventive measure since December / December.

Source: Agencies

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