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Facebook offer its shares for public subscription

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According to press reports that the famous social networking site Facebook is planning to float its shares for IPO this week amid expectations of the arrival of the purchasing power of the company to between 75 and 100 billion dollars.
The newspapers reported the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal that Facebook will make next Wednesday to the Capital Market Authority, the US request to offer the shares for public subscription.
According to reports, Facebook is seeking to raise ten billion US dollars from initial public offering of its shares has become of the few companies in the world surpassed the 10 billion initial public offering of its shares.
The Google site has collected $ 1.9 billion when launching its IPO in 2004.
The reports pointed out that it is likely to assume a bank Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley's management to offer the shares.
Speculation about offering shares for public subscription on Facebook over the past months, but company officials declined to comment on these reports.
And raised the purchasing power of the company projected that Facebook may be laid down in the ranks of major companies, the reactions in the financial community.
Books and media mogul Rupert Murdoch on his personal bank account on Twitter, "Facebook has achieved great achievements, but that the value of the company up to $ 100 billion would make Apple look poor."
The number of Facebook users around the world about 800 million users and the company's annual revenue up to about $ 4 billion of advertising.
And set up Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg site with two of his colleagues at Harvard University in 2004 and quickly became famous site until now the largest network of social networking.

Source: BBC Arabic

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