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Study: Mice sing to attract females

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 a scientific study in Austria that male rats pets that live in the house singing tuneslike musical twitter of birds to attract females.

Quoted websites scientific researchers at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna as saying that male rats lead songs at frequencies above the human voice is not heard.

Scientists had previously discovered that male mice with additional female voices, but they thought it just a buzz, then they came back and found out that she is an individualfeature romantic songs from the mouse to another, and aims to attract females, such assong birds.

The researchers said the study published in the journal "Physiology and behavior," they recorded voices of male rats, and after the display slowly turned out to be very similar tothe twitter of birds, each mouse has a footprint especially with regard to differ from othersongs.

The study indicated that males sing when it smells of females that are attracted to malesong, and that females are able to distinguish between the brothers songs and songs ofother males, even without having heard the songs by her brothers.

Source: UPI

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