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A study by the University of Essex, the British that the principles of the British retreat,

A study by the University of Essex, the British that the principles of the British retreat, retention of the money found in the street and the betrayal of a partner, lying has become acceptable behavior today than it was ten years ago.

The study asked a group of people a say in ten acts, such as using public transport without paying the required money, and keep the money found in the street, throw trash on the ground and lying.

The study showed that 50% of Britons now consider the betrayal of a partner is not justified, compared to 70% ten years ago.

And rejects 20% of Britons today to keep the money found in the street, compared to 40% in 2000.

The study - conducted on the Internet and included more than two thousand Rashid - that young people under 25 years of age tend to accept unfair actions most of those elders.

While the third of young people not older than 25 years that trickery in the CV is not acceptable, rejected three-quarters of the people beyond the age of 65 years this matter, and rejected five young people lying outright, compared with 55% of people over the age of 65 years.

Can instruct this is that people generally cling to principles more with age.
But Professor Paul Whiteley, who led the study says the decline of integrity among young people is also a worry, "The Integrity gain in adolescence, like political positions."

The study showed that women are more honest than men, a little, but the social class and function are not altering anything in the results.

According to Whitley, the degree of integrity refers to the level of civil sense. In case of decline, "people lose confidence in each other and stop all work together in groups and will worsen, and become the educational and economic performance is weaker, and it leaves serious repercussions."

Source: French

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